Workshop Descriptions


Yoga beyond the mat (2-3 hours)

For dedicated yogis looking to deepen their practice

You may have heard the phrase “take your yoga off of the mat” but what does that really mean, and more importantly, how do you do it and what’s the point? This workshop will deepen your practice and grow your understanding of yoga through group discussion and self-reflection. You will learn how yoga asana can help bring you into alignment with your deepest values to enhance your relationships with others, break bad habits, and create greater happiness and enjoyment of life. You will leave feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and empowered to bring your yoga into your everyday life!


Welcome to the movement lab (90 minutes)

For dedicated yogis looking to deepen their practice

We all know what it is like to feel stuck, defensive, heavy, and fearful of new ways of being that challenge the old. We each have our unique set of limiting beliefs, identities, and habitual behaviors that put us in a “cage” and prevent us from being able to see and realize our potential. However, hopefully, we have also had that yummy taste of what it is like to feel free, curious, and light in our bodies, able to make wise choices that come from love and move us toward evolution and growth. In this uniquely sequenced asana “laboratory”, experiment with atypical movements and non-traditional shapes to facilitate a great escape from the variety of cages you may put yourself in, both on and off the mat! 


Strength training for Physical, emotional, and spiritual health (60 minute talk)

Ideal for educating employees and community members



Yoga and massage (90 minutes)

For self-care and relaxation, all levels


Cheers to Your Chakras (1.5-2 hours)

For  dedicated yogis looking to deepen their practice

In this class, examine your relationship to each of your chakras via an asana practice infused with inward reflection and techniques for freeing up stuck places. The word chakra literally means ‘disc’ or ‘wheel’, and refers to seven spinning discs of energy that are said to be located along the length of the spine. Each chakra corresponds with the seven major collections of nerves that exist in our bodies (ganglia), body parts affected by those nerve bundles, and glands that secrete hormones (endocrine glands). Studying energy anatomy allows us to move through our lives with more clarity, peel back layers of our conditioning, and ultimately, move toward greater freedom and joy.


Garden of Yoga (90 minutes)

For self-care and relaxation, all levels

Relax, breathe, and return to your senses in this gentle class focused on planting seeds of kindness for self and others. You will be led through movements and postures that will leave you feeling softened and replenished. After savasana, Anne will guide you through a loving-kindness meditation (metta). Metta meditation has been shown to reduce inflammation, ease uncomfortable and chronic emotional states like irritation and anxiety, and increase your quality of life through inducing feelings of compassion, love, and empathy.


Navigate Your body

For individuals looking to deepen their understanding of their bodies, all levels

Any of the below workshops can be led individually or offered as a set  (each workshop is 90-120 minutes in length)

Healthy Neck and shoulders

Take the weight (literally) off of your shoulders as you meet the muscles, joints, and fascia that encompass your heart center and everything above, below, and beside it. This important region holds tension that comes from the stresses in our lives, the ways in which our environments and culture is structured, and even imbalances from elsewhere in the body. Our bodies often try to get us to attend to their needs through uncomfortable symptoms, and in this workshop, you will learn how yoga can help get to the “heart” of the issue and nurture this center of love, awareness, and personal transformation.

Happy back and core

Learn the recipe for a vibrant and supple spine in this workshop focused on alleviating the factors that aggravate back pain and discomfort. Leave feeling strong, supported, and confident about deep core activation and how to safely move through any level of asana class with an enlightened perspective of how to best support the anatomical structures that work so hard to support you!

From Hips to Heels

Experience a grounding and fluid practice that aims to acquaint you with your one and only foundation. Learn why your “root” (the feet, legs, and pelvis) are so intimately connected to freedom of the rest of your body, and uncover new elements to the intricacies of “hip opening” that will leave you feeling inspired, connected, and balanced from hips to heels!