Wellness Series Descriptions


Foundations of yoga

8 weeks, 1x/week, 90 mins or 4 weeks, 2x/week, 90 mins

For beginners interested in learning the basics of a yoga practice and how to incorporate mindfulness into their day

 Foundations of Yoga is an in-depth exploration of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for optimal health, wellness, and vitality. This program is geared toward people with little to no experience, as well as those who wish to reconnect with the fundamentals of alignment and mind-body awareness. In addition to practicing and learning about different types of yoga, meditation, and breathing/relaxation techniques, this program also offers you the chance for self-reflection via journaling and weekly mindfulness practices to facilitate wellness and resilience in others areas of your life, such as in your work, schooling, sport/fitness endeavors, and social interactions.

The main benefits of this program include: greater strength and flexibility to prepare the body for more vigorous classes, as well as more self-awareness to increase your focus and engagement in day-to-day living.



yoga for a happy back

8 weeks, 1x/week, 60 mins or 4 weeks, 2x/week, 60 mins

For beginners interested in improving their back health and overall well-being

Yoga for a Happy Back takes a systematic and holistic approach to promoting optimal back health and spinal alignment. Through alignment-based yoga, posture education, and mindfulness practices, this program will help to reduce factors that aggravate back pain such as life stress, chronic tightness, as well as muscular weakness in other areas of the body. This program has been designed for both beginners and students with some prior experience practicing yoga.


yoga for runners

8 weeks, 1x/week for 60 mins or 4 weeks, 2x/week for 60 mins

For runners of all levels interested in adopting an asana practice for cross-training

Yoga and meditation are perfect complementary practices for running. Yoga helps develop and maintain muscular strength, flexibility, and balance, thus preventing the onset of injury and promoting recovery. When practiced regularly, yoga can enhance the mental focus needed for running as well as breathing efficiency, so much so that running may become a meditation in and of itself! In this program, participants of all levels who run as a hobby or for their sport will become comfortable practicing on their own and will be led through weekly hour-long practices that focus on balance, stability, breath work, and recovery. The goals of this program are to improve your enjoyment of running, enhance running motivation, and maximize running performance.


Love your lifestyle: how to make changes that stick

4 weeks, 1x/week, 90 minutes

For individuals looking for support with lifestyle change

Is there a lifestyle change you’ve been wanting to make for weeks, months, or even years, but don’t know where to start or how to stay motivated for good? If so, this program is for you! Anne incorporates the latest research on behavior change, her own experience working with individuals in the realm of wellness & fitness, and best self-care practices to help you harness the willpower and motivation needed to take the leap,  STICK to the leap, and live a life aligned with your values. Engage in small group discussion, conversation with others, and reflective practices such as journaling, mindful eating, and meditation to facilitate your focus, determination, and purposeful movement toward your version of health.