Why Meditation?

Meditation is often promoted as an effective method to induce relaxation and reduce stress, and although these popular benefits are valuable, the practice of meditation has has a power beyond simply calming your nervous system. . . it can profoundly change your life.

Over time, the practice of meditation allows us to see the truth of who we are. When we finally see beyond the limits of the thinking mind, we can more gracefully break free of stifling habits, more deeply enjoy the company of ourselves and others, take more effective action in our lives, and in general, live with less burden and more freedom. In this sense, meditation is like a massage for your mind. . . you work out stuck places in the way you think and in the way you act so you can live more in accordance with your values and enjoy life more fully. Sounds pretty great, huh?

Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

     Regular meditation helps to build focus, mental strength, body awareness, and compassion and love toward oneself and others (among many, many other benefits)! In these 30 or 45-minute FaceTime sessions, Anne will guide you through a customized meditation practice and will also clarify any information and questions you may have regarding how to apply your mindfulness and meditation practice to daily life. Sessions may also involve instruction in breathing techniques, yoga, tools for stress reduction, and journaling.

Please contact Anne for pricing information and package deals, check out her guided meditations on the app Insight Timer (insighttimer.com), or listen to her free practices on her website here.