About Massage Therapy:

Anne offers individualized massage therapy sessions in Asheville Community Yoga's (ACY) beautiful Healing Arts Space. Anne’s bodywork sessions are informed by her kinesiology background and are fueled by her love for working one-on-one with individuals on their self-care and well-being. Her massage style is deep and stimulating in order to produce powerful and long-lasting effects, yet highly relaxing and intuitive in order to bring clients out of their mind and into their body so the nervous system can completely reset and the body can heal itself. All sessions are 60, 75, or 90 minutes in length.

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Meditative Massage

Treat yourself to this highly relaxing, full body massage that will leave you feeling blissed-out like none other. Anne draws from a variety of techniques including Swedish, craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy, shiatsu, and reflexology to create an experience that resets the nervous system and dissolves unconscious & conscious muscle tension. Side effects include increased sense of well-being, better quality sleep, and balancing of emotional states :) Prior to receiving bodywork, you may request to have Anne guide you through a seated meditation (5, 10, or 15 minutes) to boost the healing effects of the massage (for 75 and 90-minute sessions only).

Therapeutic Massage

Experience relief from chronic tension, injury, sore muscles, and/or pain with this 75 or 90-minute individualized massage which includes deep tissue, myofascial release, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, and sports massage techniques. This experience will facilitate release of adhesions, trigger points and “knots”, retrain overly tight and overactive muscle fibers, and improve muscle flexibility and joint range of motion.