Thriving Beyond the Yoga Mat

I am SO stoked to be leading and sharing a 3-hour transformational workshop at Breathe Yoga & Wellness in Morgantown, NC on April 28th: Yoga Beyond the Mat (AND on May 5th at Asheville Community Yoga, for you Ashevillians!). Yoga is commonly viewed as a “physical” practice, and although I will definitely be leading students through a juicy movement practice, we will also delve into how yoga asana (postures) can shed light onto where we are stuck and where we thrive in our lives beyond the physical realm, so that we can live with greater ease, enjoyment, connection and purpose (and who doesn’t want that, amiright?). How you do anything is how you tend to do EVERYTHING, so how you move and approach your yoga ON the mat is a reflection of how you live OFF of the mat (or wherever it is that you practice). This workshop will deepen your practice and teach you how yoga asana can help bring you into alignment with your deepest values to enhance your relationships with others, break bad habits, and create greater happiness and enjoyment of life. You will leave feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and empowered to bring your yoga into your everyday life!

Check out my full blog post on the topic here, which also includes a 15 minute guided meditation taster.

Morgantown Facebook event link here

Asheville Facebook event link here


With love,

- Anne